Increasing growth in the use of emojis – even in Africa

Increasing growth in the use of emojis – even in Africa
December 5, 2017 Plus Acuity

Emoji’s have been a great way to express emotions without the use of words. Right from that of love, to that of love. The use of emoji will continue to rise. The use of Emojis would rise in 2018 especially amongst the millenials. The rise of this can be attributed to – it serves as a way of making communications have a more emotional angle and it is a great form of abbreviation.

There is a lot to be done and little time to do them so, emojis serve as a way to save time to users. There are loads of emojis in brand communications this year already. We would be seeing this happening more and definitely entering into local campaigns.

Emoji and Emoticon use in Africa cannot be left out as well… We find out that the current emoji’s do not even say exactly what we want to say. This in the short time would bring about the rise of African themed emojis and emoticons. Possibly at the long run, emojis could be themed by countries for them to carry more local relevance.

BBM had earlier started creating locally themed emojis but as a result of the dwindled usage of the app currently, local emojis have not found their way to the Android or apple operated mobiles. There is an opportunity here definitely.

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    It works quite well for me

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